Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas sewing

I am having SO much fun making these stockings for the family... 10 in total :)

So now I guess I need to find a camera to take photos of what I'm doing...!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Craft joy!

I went to Spotlight today and got fabric for my stockings to make for my family! Serious excitement!!! I have now cut them out and now just need to get time to sew them... hmmm....!

Friday, November 19, 2010


How do I have a feeling that I've been in this place before??? I keep feeling as though I should be doing more on every front at the moment and I have absolutely no enthusiasm for any of them... except things I CAN'T do... sigh.

But there is joy in the fact that I have Christmas coming up and therefore lots of reasons to be forced to make things :) because those are the very things I have been wanting to do but have not been able to!

Tempted to make this bag from 'make it and love it':
I imagine that would be very useful for a sister or 2 who happen to have small people who like to ride in strollers :)

I'm wondering about other gifts...
Like the bath fizzies from 'a sherbet blossom':
I suspect they would do well for Mum.

BUT now I have the real challenge of the boys... 2 brother-in-laws and 1 brother and 1 father. All of whom do not want anything in particular, but all of whom have great taste in quite expensive things... For them, they may have to just have baking. Food always seems to work ok for boys. After all, most boys seems to enjoy eating.

Oh well, we'll see how the time goes, since there are still a nearly 1 year old niece and a 6 year old nephew to consider, to say nothing of the baby on the way... but not before Christmas - phew more time for that one!

But there's still some time left - almost a month :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I've been rather inspired by a couple of things I've just read... and maybe a little convicted that I need to actually write stuff if I want to actually do this blogging thing...

Yeah, I know. Genius right?!

But one thing that I read was from here and asked 'why we do what we do'...?

Why do I do this crazy thing that I do? I'm not really sure... but maybe I need to rethink it if I don't have an answer!

The other thing that greatly inspired me was this GREAT post from Make Mine Mid-Century, a hilarious Aussie who was so honest about her own struggles about blogging... have a read here, and if you don't laugh, well, there's something wrong with you!

So begins the serious attempt to actually do real blogging...

Meanwhile the voice in my head (yeah, I have a voice in my head, don't tell me that you don't have one coz I won't believe you!) is quickly snickering and whispering "yeah right...!"


Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I'm reading: Does Your Culture Teach You to See People’s Differences?

Ok so I was just reading back through old blog posts I had saved to read when I had time and saw this from Don Miller:
Does Your Culture Teach You to See People’s Differences? | Donald Miller's Blog
and I was very struck by what he was saying... I'm not saying I'm a shallow chick. BUT I have to confess that the image he used grabbed me far more. I mean... look at it:

See what I mean?! I don't know where he got it from, but it paints his picture almost more than his words do. See what you think.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Writing inspiration

How is it that there are times when the words seem to just flow beautifully but others when even stringing a sentence together is tricky?! I have started another blog as a way to update family and friends with what I'm doing. That way this one is more just musings and the randomness of the title. I confess I am completely random sometimes.

But I digress.

I had such inspiration beginning the blog to tell people my news. Now I'm not sure what to say next. What do people want to know?! I mean, I'm incredibly nosy in many ways so I like to know lots. But I'm sure others get bored... and I certainly don't want to be accused of TMI (the hideous crime of sharing Too Much personal Information).

But now I am here, without much inspiration and without posting anything for several days... I'm going to have to go back to some of those other wonderful blogs I've read where they talk about how to do that most terrible of terrible words: discipline. It may just have to come to that.

image from weheartit.com

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Need for pictures!

Goodness there is a need for some pictures here! A little colour and beauty perchance?! Ah another weheartit.com search... yay!

Beauty and practicality like this (what could be more practical than food? But how much would you hate doing this for your kids' lunch boxes every day?!):

Wanna guess my favourite shoes, and favourite colours?!

And a little something for inspiration:

And... just to be totally honest here... I'm listening to "Don't stop believing" sung by the cast of Glee while I do this... yeah, I know. Totally sappy, and not really for my age... But I'm brave and I can admit it ;)

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What I'm reading: The Lie of Significance | Kingdom Strategist

This comes from a blog I've quoted before... I thoroughly enjoy this guy's thoughts. I've been thinking about this since I read it the other day. If my life already has meaning and I don't have to do anything to prove that I'm significant then I can relax on so many levels. It certainly helped me to give myself permission to take time off while I was so unwell with flu this last week! Hope this inspires you as it did me. See what you think:

The Lie of Significance | Kingdom Strategist
"I can not give your life meaning because it already has it.
You are significant not by virtue of who you are or what you do or where you work or what clothes you wear or how much you give to charity.
You are significant because you were made significant. You are significant because you were created by a Creator. You are significant because God imagined all of life, all of history, this entire world and he imagined you as part of it.
God’s vision for his creation includes you. It would be incomplete without you.
Despite the hardship and suffering, the pain and the loneliness of life. Despite all that you endure that tears you down, pulls you farther and farther away from the source of God’s perfect love, your significance is secured in the very fact that you exist. Because this is how God chooses for it to be.
You are you because God would not have it any other way.
How would you live life differently if you were freed from the persistent need to find significance?"
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What I'm reading: Seth's Blog: Exploration and the risk of failure

You know, I've been struggling with some of the huge ideas that float through my brain. Do you ever have that? I have so many ideas every single day. But I struggle with the thought that I could try and it won't be like I wanted it to be, or that someone will say it was dumb, or... well, I'll feel like a failure. But I've just read this post from Seth Godin:
Seth's Blog: Exploration and the risk of failure

I don't mind being the person who seeks stability sometimes. But if I want to try these ideas, then I need to be the brave person who is willing to try the idea even with the possible failure facing them. After all, even if it doesn't work out, it won't actually be a loss.

My dad, who is the most fantastic encourager and sounding board for ideas, has been trying to get me to look at how I approach things, and especially not to jump to conclusions that restrict the flow of potential for ideas or people to grow. I love it when things I read and stuff I'm talking about get all brought together... and it helps develop my thoughts!
image from weheartit.com

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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Is it cute or pathetic that I was incredibly excited that someone left a comment on my blog for the first time?! Hmmm... I'm not actually sure but I'm not sure that I'm worried about it! I have been doing things without thinking overly much about who might be reading... oops! Maybe it's time to think about people reading?! Ah... the amazing possibilities ;)

Thank you commenter person, you've totally made my day :)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inspiration from another blog

I know that it feels like stealing but I have to share this awesome phrasing about inspiration:

"Too often we give up on inspiration, instead choosing to wallow in the mundane. We trade in our dreams and rationalize it as being realistic, pragmatic… after all there are bills to pay, deadlines to meet.
I reject that. Why in a world of vibrant, vivid colors would you choose gray or worse choose to close your eyes?
We must be moved to greatness. We must become agitated, stirred into action, inspired to reach far above and beyond anything conceived as possible in this world. Because THIS IS NOT OUR WORLD.
So don’t give in, don’t settle. This is not your world. You are meant for so much more than this.
Find inspiration.
Be reminded of who you really are. Be reminded of what it’s like to be in the presence of God. The presence of Him from Whom all blessings flow.
Find inspiration.
Surround yourself with it. Drink it in until there is no room for boring or unimaginative or mundane. Reject possible because possible is beneath you.
Find inspiration that lifts you up to great heights where nobility and righteousness and glory reside.
Find inspiration to reach to strive for more than what this world offers… and the world will be better for it"

This is from Kingdom Inspiration by Kevin Ring

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stuff Christians Like

Absolutely love reading what Jon of Stuff Christians Like has to say, and especially enjoyed this post. Read the full thing here. This was the part that really captured my thoughts, that I thought was really inspirational:

"There are probably a billion reasons it’s difficult to be a youth minister, but one of the reasons that it’s not, is pretty simple:
This generation has more potential to spread the gospel than any other generation in the history of mankind.
It’s true, teenagers today will communicate more, share more and talk more than ever before. Twenty years ago, when a student heard a great sermon, they maybe told two friends at school. Now, they post a link to it on facebook. They tweet about it. They blog about it. Your sermon can go viral in about 12 seconds. The ability for this next generation to be salt and light is unbelievable."
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Online Sewing Class for Beginners

This is a class being offered by LA & Rachel who's blogs I follow... wish I had the time to do it! But check it out if you think you do. It looks fantastic :)

Home Ec is an online sewing class perfect for beginners (no sewing experience needed) and those wanting to develop their sewing skills and create 26 awesome projects! This is a take it at your own pace class beginning August 10th that includes 3 Guides, 26 step-by-step Projects with at least 1 new Sewing Technique in each, and a tips post on How to Invent & Adapt projects of your own! Take a look at all the projects!...
Along with daily sewing projects available in the private class blog, you can participate in live chats to get friendly with your classmates and enjoy Q&A time with your teachers. Click 
here forfull details and registration information or e-mail questions to Leigh-Ann 
Looking forward to sewing with you!!
Leigh-AnnRachel and Courtney

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cafe evening

Ok so I guess I need to get over myself. But you know how you tie yourself and part of your self image to how you feel things went, when you are the one who organises them? Well the mission cafe evening I tried to organise for this evening really didn't happen that well at all. Hardly anybody came... My baking wasn't that great either but that is almost besides the point.

I know I'm in a "meh" mood, but I feel really blah after that. Time to read some of the pretty blogs I follow and re-inspire myself that there is gorgeousness out there in this lovely world God created :)

Just had to whinge about it first!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where I'm at

I have been looking at weheartit.com again and found these... which I just liked so much I thought I'd share them:

And I couldn't do this without having at least one tattoo image...!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I should be in bed...

Ok well I know I should be in bed already. It's been a long day in Auckland, and we got back at 11:30pm. It's reasonable to spend a little time unwinding after a busy day and then a discussion about the future on the hour and half drive back home... but I couldn't sleep after that. So I looked through the various blogs I follow. And I was pulled into the magical world of beauty, deep thoughts and wonderful humour. Thank God for people who regularly post things to share with others! I think I might need to take a leaf out of their books... :)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

which Jane Austen heroine am I?

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Realising that I haven't actually posted anything for AGES... and have been so obsessed with seeing all the fantastic stuff others are doing I haven't done anything myself. I think I better work on that!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010


The cupcakes came out pretty well... I would have liked the frosting colours to have been more true but it's still recognisable as the NZ flag... I think...!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cupcake delight

Ok don't be too jealous of me... but I get to make cupcakes tomorrow for a birthday party. YAY! I love baking and I haven't been doing any baking since I've been laid low :(

I've taken inspiration from a gorgeous picture from a calendar called "Hello, Cupcake!" which is pictures from the book with the same name (find the book here) Absolutely beautiful! Since the theme is Kiwiana we're doing a version of the flag idea... but instead of the US flag it'll be the NZ one.

I am so excited! I'll be sure to take photos so I can post them and show anyone who would like to see :)

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reading new blog

Man, do I love finding new stuff to read and share. I love finding beautiful things to share as well, of course, but this particular post is about the newest blog I've just found: remissioned.com

I'm really impressed with the writer's focus on how the whole church needs to be part of mission. It's one of the things I tell people I'm talking to: we don't all need to go but we all need to be involved! I quote:
Christians are to find their role in God’s plan for missions.  Scripture charges all Christians to play some role in making disciples of all the ethnic groups of the world.  Some are to go to the ends of the earth, while others are to send support.  It is vital for every Christian to find their role in the process.  

Check it out for the really good reading recommendations as well.

I think I may be in serious intellectual love right now x x x

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Cupcake tattoo!

Oh my goodness... I could have a beautiful cupcake tattoo! I have been inspired by some the images at weheartit.com again... like these ones:

Now to convince others... ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cupcakey goodness...

I found these images on weheartit.com and had to share my excitement at the wonderful cupcakey goodness of them. Just look:

And is it just me or is Alice in Wonderland totally everywhere?!? Not that I'm complaining coz it's as cute as can be, especially these gorgeous creations, but I'm just saying...

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I'm recovering from having keyhole surgery and man is it taking me ages to feel like myself :(
I was so hoping to feel well enough to do some of the beautiful crafty things I'd found online while resting... but no I can barely manage sitting up and even concentrating to read my favourite books is hard work...
Oh well, should be better in a week or so to actually start doing something more... :)

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You know that feeling when you just can't sleep and you want to but you can't? Well I decided to investigate weheartit.com based on some advice from other beautiful blogs I begun following. And look what I found! Can you guess my favourite colour?!

Isn't that the most beautiful hair ever?! I would adore to have hair like that...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night excitement...

umm... ok i have to tell the truth. It's not really that exciting. Actually this is what I hope to be doing soon:
But I'm trying to finish some study before I can :(
This is my nephew if you're wondering. But the photo was taken almost 2 years ago... he's much more grown up now ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hospital choice of TV

Well, I didn't find my letter but I did find where I should be and go. It was all fine. Actually it was incredibly easy, after all that worry.

And then it was incredibly boring. A whole afternoon waiting for the next person to come and find me for another 5 minute session then another long wait until the next 5 minutes. If I'd realised I'd have taken some good reading.

Meanwhile the TV had the Ellen Show on (daytime TV :( bleuch!) and it made me want to actually pluck out my own eyeballs and poke random things in my ears so I didn't have to have it inflicted on me any more. Sadly when it came to the crunch though, I lacked the courage to do either of those things. So I simply had to endure it. I can only hope that I get some choice when the operation happens...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slightly manic despair...

I can think of now other way to describe it but slightly manic despair... the paper remains stubbornly hidden. I am going to have to call the hospital in the morning and confess my inability to remember where I should be.

Oh the shame.......

Tayari bado

Ok so usually I am a little bit cluttered in my approach to things... as in piles of stuff around the place. But honestly and truly I always know where everything is and the piles of stuff is pretty much organised...

But now I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning and I need the piece of paper that tells me which building to turn up to. And I have looked in all the places it should be. But it isn't there :(

I'm getting to the point where I feel like maybe I should start calling to it so that it can tell me where it's hiding. In Tanzania they have this game of hide-and-seek that is a bit different: the seeker calls out "tayari? bado?" which simply means "ready? not yet?" and the kids call "bado" and this goes on for several minutes until finally the answer is "tayari" and they are ready for the seeker.

I wonder if my paper wants to play?

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been away from doing any blog or being even interested in sharing my thoughts... but I was online the other day and came across these wonderful amazing creative girls with the most beautiful blogs ever, that I had to start again. So now to make this look even half as pretty as theirs and then let them know how much they have inspired me :)