Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hospital choice of TV

Well, I didn't find my letter but I did find where I should be and go. It was all fine. Actually it was incredibly easy, after all that worry.

And then it was incredibly boring. A whole afternoon waiting for the next person to come and find me for another 5 minute session then another long wait until the next 5 minutes. If I'd realised I'd have taken some good reading.

Meanwhile the TV had the Ellen Show on (daytime TV :( bleuch!) and it made me want to actually pluck out my own eyeballs and poke random things in my ears so I didn't have to have it inflicted on me any more. Sadly when it came to the crunch though, I lacked the courage to do either of those things. So I simply had to endure it. I can only hope that I get some choice when the operation happens...


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