About me

Hi my name is Emmy and I tend to enjoy a random mixture of things... which is what I probably tend to blog about! So the things I like include: baking especially cupcakes; specialty teas, but most especially darjeeling earl grey blends; beautiful but simple crafts; talking about mission and the church, and how we can do it better and how we can get everyone involved, since that's what I do for a job; most things African since that's where I grew up; Jesus coz he's just awesome; ideas in general, but especially those that are so far outside the box that they can't see the box; and pretty much anything if it's in purple (I have been accused of having a lust for all things purple, which is an absolutely untrue accusation - I simply like it very much).

at a purple party as the Queen of Hearts (the PURPLE Queen of Hearts)

I'm always inspired by various ideas by others so I tend to want to share that inspiration with others. I don't have any plan with this blog at this stage except as an outlet for the things I seem to find or think about. Somehow I find so many things that I don't quite seem to get to share all of them with others - so I needed another outlet ;)

So I hope that this gives someone else something interesting to look at and think about as well. Leave a comment and let me know!

with my nephew before my sister's wedding
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