Friday, November 19, 2010


How do I have a feeling that I've been in this place before??? I keep feeling as though I should be doing more on every front at the moment and I have absolutely no enthusiasm for any of them... except things I CAN'T do... sigh.

But there is joy in the fact that I have Christmas coming up and therefore lots of reasons to be forced to make things :) because those are the very things I have been wanting to do but have not been able to!

Tempted to make this bag from 'make it and love it':
I imagine that would be very useful for a sister or 2 who happen to have small people who like to ride in strollers :)

I'm wondering about other gifts...
Like the bath fizzies from 'a sherbet blossom':
I suspect they would do well for Mum.

BUT now I have the real challenge of the boys... 2 brother-in-laws and 1 brother and 1 father. All of whom do not want anything in particular, but all of whom have great taste in quite expensive things... For them, they may have to just have baking. Food always seems to work ok for boys. After all, most boys seems to enjoy eating.

Oh well, we'll see how the time goes, since there are still a nearly 1 year old niece and a 6 year old nephew to consider, to say nothing of the baby on the way... but not before Christmas - phew more time for that one!

But there's still some time left - almost a month :)


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