Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Late night musings

So how is it that it's almost always the middle of the night when inspiration hits?

Am I the only one this happens to? Surely not.

Is this normal? ...but sometimes it gets hard to tell what's "normal" and what's... well... "not so normal"... Who gets to decide normal anyway?

I've been on Twitter for a few weeks now - and thoroughly loving it too - and am just so impressed by the quality material I see on there that I started thinking, well, I guess I can try too... I certainly have plenty to say. And I'm frequently told I'm opinionated. Isn't that one of the prerequesites for blogging?! Hmmm.... that could potentially offend the people I'm saying I've been so impressed by. Have to hope they're forgiving.

Ok let's get real - they won't ever read this so it doesn't matter.


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