Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night excitement...

umm... ok i have to tell the truth. It's not really that exciting. Actually this is what I hope to be doing soon:
But I'm trying to finish some study before I can :(
This is my nephew if you're wondering. But the photo was taken almost 2 years ago... he's much more grown up now ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hospital choice of TV

Well, I didn't find my letter but I did find where I should be and go. It was all fine. Actually it was incredibly easy, after all that worry.

And then it was incredibly boring. A whole afternoon waiting for the next person to come and find me for another 5 minute session then another long wait until the next 5 minutes. If I'd realised I'd have taken some good reading.

Meanwhile the TV had the Ellen Show on (daytime TV :( bleuch!) and it made me want to actually pluck out my own eyeballs and poke random things in my ears so I didn't have to have it inflicted on me any more. Sadly when it came to the crunch though, I lacked the courage to do either of those things. So I simply had to endure it. I can only hope that I get some choice when the operation happens...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slightly manic despair...

I can think of now other way to describe it but slightly manic despair... the paper remains stubbornly hidden. I am going to have to call the hospital in the morning and confess my inability to remember where I should be.

Oh the shame.......

Tayari bado

Ok so usually I am a little bit cluttered in my approach to things... as in piles of stuff around the place. But honestly and truly I always know where everything is and the piles of stuff is pretty much organised...

But now I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning and I need the piece of paper that tells me which building to turn up to. And I have looked in all the places it should be. But it isn't there :(

I'm getting to the point where I feel like maybe I should start calling to it so that it can tell me where it's hiding. In Tanzania they have this game of hide-and-seek that is a bit different: the seeker calls out "tayari? bado?" which simply means "ready? not yet?" and the kids call "bado" and this goes on for several minutes until finally the answer is "tayari" and they are ready for the seeker.

I wonder if my paper wants to play?

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been away from doing any blog or being even interested in sharing my thoughts... but I was online the other day and came across these wonderful amazing creative girls with the most beautiful blogs ever, that I had to start again. So now to make this look even half as pretty as theirs and then let them know how much they have inspired me :)